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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy with the Alliance Screening Website
This website is administered by Alliance Screening & Occupational Services and its agents. The following provides an overview of how we protect your privacy during your visit.

What information do we gather?
Information on alliance-screening.com (or any other domain owned by Alliance Screening & Occupational Services) is gathered in two ways: (1) indirectly (for example, through our site’s technology); and (2) directly (for example, when you provide information to us using forms on the site).

One example of information we collect indirectly is through our Internet access logs. When you access the site, your Internet address is automatically collected and is placed in our Internet access logs. This is a common attribute to nearly every site in existence, and the information gathered has virtually no connection to you personally. These logs are mechanically tabulated to output only general information regarding daily, weekly and monthly site traffic for internal use only.

How do we use this information?
We use this information only to present you with information you want and the opportunity to become a client of Alliance Screening.

Will we share this with outside parties?
We do not share this data with parties outside of Alliance Screening and its agents. At this time we do not sell sponsorship of any part of the site, and therefore do not share any information with outside entities. Your information, when collected, is solely for the business use of Alliance Screening & Occupational Services.

What about sensitive personal data?
We do not generally seek to collect sensitive personal data through this site. If we do seek to collect such data, we will ask you to consent to our proposed uses of the data. We may also collect some sensitive personal data incidentally. By providing us with unsolicited sensitive personal data, you consent to our using the data subject to applicable law as described in this Privacy Statement. This data will most certainly not be provided to any person or entity outside of the Alliance Screening organization - frankly, we don’t even want it and if we ever do we’ll tell you why, in this notice, before collecting it.

Do we give you access to your information?
You are entitled to know whether we hold information about you and, if we do, to have access to that information and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email.

What about data security?
We take appropriate steps to maintain the security of your data on our site. You should understand that the open nature of the Internet is such that data may flow over networks without security measures and may be accessed and used by people other than those for whom the data is intended.

We have every desire to maintain your privacy. We value you as a customer, whether you are a prospective or current patient, and we want to keep you comfortable with us in every way. We understand that privacy is a concern, and therefore it’s our concern too. If you feel that we’re not being protective enough, please feel free to contact us and we’ll work with you to get it all straightened out!